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SEO Packages

Welcome to this outline of search engine optimisation prices. In preparing this table of SEO costs, we’ve provided affordable options alongside our fully managed plans. The lower priced plans don’t include managing the functionality of your website or making design changes. Cheaper SEO prices are just for search engine optimisation. Contact us to find out more about how budget SEO packages provide you with extremely cost-effective ways of getting more value for your money when it comes to digital marketing. We have a sliding scale of SEO fees, based on the time we spend each month, working on your campaign. Competitive industries and keywords require a higher level of spend, to compete successfully for the top organic listings. Much depends on what your competitors are doing. You need to beat them- and they have probably been at the top for some time.

SEO Starter Package

A budget level entry package, to produce positive measurable results while remaining affordable.

The ideal primer for your first steps into the world of SEO.

You can expect to see positive ranking improvements in 3-4 weeks after we work on your web site.

Here’s what we’ll work on:

    • your website architecture
    • titles
    • meta tags
    • providing best content for visitors
    • image tags within your web site
    • internal web site page linking

All work carried out in Melbourne, by SEO professionals.

We don’t outsource SEO work to offshore providers.

This is a “pay as you go” seo plan- renew at your discretion monthly.

Important- please read:

It’s essential that your web site be of a standard that will benefit from professional search engine optimisation.

We will make this assessment for you before commencing any work.

SEO Mid-Range Package

Your web site optimised for 6 Keywords.

The ideal package for websites which have no major structural flaws.

You can expect to see more pronounced positive ranking improvements in 3-4 weeks after we work on your web site.

Here’s what we’ll work on:

    • Everything from the SEO Starter Package at left
    • site map for your web site
    • code clean up- leaner, meaner means better indexing by Google
    • optimizing page-specific content for chosen keywords
    • “alt” and “title” tags throughout your web site
    • internal web site page linking
    • optimizing any inbound links within your control

All work carried out in Melbourne, by SEO professionals.

We reinforce and advance your web site’s rank as intensely as possible, using only credible, ethical methods.

This is a “pay as you go” seo plan- see results before you renew.

Intensive SEO Plan

Limited Special- your web site optimised for 8 Keywords as well as off-site optimization, with inbound linking.

You’ll either be on page 1 (organic) or be linked to from a page 1, organically ranked web site within 6 months.

Here’s what we’ll work on:

    • everything from the SEO Mid-Range Package at left
    • external inbound links from Australian Business Directories
    • professionally written, 400 word publicity articles- one unique article published per month
    • direct offensive against a competitor of yours for your chosen keyword
    • optimisation of Google+ page or Facebook page
    • “news” article for your business, with inbound link
    • monthly introduction of new content within the web site

The perfect package for established domain names of businesses which are “here to stay”.

This is a “pay as you go” seo plan- see results before you renew.

We offer a range of search engine optimisation packages depending on your needs, and the best choice for you depends on a number of critical factors. Each of these factors has an influence on where your website ranks today, and will determine a significant portion of the seo strategy we use to implement best practice seo.

Almost all web sites we work with have some inherent issues which can be resolved quickly and for little cost- resulting in a fantastic cost saving on the price of SEO work. Once the initial problems with a web site are fixed, the costs for search engine optimisation drop appreciably.
This happens, because the correct foundations are in place and we can get on with what we do best.
Professional, strategic long-term seo, for lasting results!

Some simple adjustments to the web site content, code, css or a combination of these, can yield impressive improvements quickly. Often these initial modifications will result in the greatest SEO leap for the lowest cost.

In consultation with you- which by the way- is entirely free of charge, and completely without obligation, we will discover the following, to help us plan an effective seo strategy:

    • The age of the domain
    • How long the website has had publicly accessible content on it
    • How frequently the content has been changed or updated
    • What search terms or keywords you want to rank for
    • Who ranks for those terms now
    • A broad overview of the competitive landscape your website is in
    • What strategy will work best to mount an attack against your competitors for the coveted first page position in Google, Yahoo and Bing

A look at the websites you are competing against, will tell us a lot about the tactics we will need to adopt, in order to get you the best results in seo.

Not many websites are beyond repair in terms of search engine optimisation.

If your web site needs major restructuring, we will tell you. We will recommend you do not proceed with SEO until the problems have been resolved.

A lot depends on how competitive your desired search terms are, and how much of an effort is being made by your competitors to secure those terms.

We will design a search engine optimisation program to give your website’s organic visitor numbers a boost, with measures in place to provide an increase in organic search website traffic over time.

The best search engine optimisation is not a one-off event. It is our intention to set you on a path of self-managed seo so that you can maintain a competitive advantage, without having to pay us- or anyone else- to do most of the work which you could do yourself.

If you would like to get a firm estimate as SEO prices in Melbourne relate to your website and keywords, then simply contact us via this link and we’ll be in touch. Be sure to include your website URL.