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Instal a Google webmaster site validation file- set up a Google webmaster and analytics account for your site for some priceless- and completely free- information about the online well-being of your internet website.

The direct link for Google Webmaster Account setup will provide you with a step by step set of instructions on how to do this.

Ideally you should have your own Google account before you head to the page. There is a little "Sign In" button on the home page of Google which you can click to set up your own account.

Need help with getting started? We're only a mouse click away! Contact us if you need help sorting your Google webmaster account.

Google+ and You

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Google+ is the social platform introduced by Google, and provides an opportunity for individuals, groups and businesses to interact differently to conventional social media.

On Google+, people can nominate different circles and determine exactly how much information those different circles can see. This means that there is a way to keep your interactions with friends detached from what your staff, business contacts or clients see.

You can search directly from within Google+ too.

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