Small Business Has an SEO Advantage!

The online advantage that comes from the highly agile nature of being a small business owner, means that a larger business can have it's moves quashed in an instant, as they are launched, by a forward thinking operator. Free of the need to gain board or management approval, the small business owner can literally throw a cat among the pigeons in the seo world- and emerge holding the prize.

We have recently published an article on the benefits of being a small business player in the search engine optimisation stakes. Small business owners will find valuable tips and insights into the nuances of small business web site seo. Check out the tips and examples we present, and see how they can be applied to your business- no matter what business you are in.

Google+ and You

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Google+ is the social platform introduced by Google, and provides an opportunity for individuals, groups and businesses to interact differently to conventional social media.

On Google+, people can nominate different circles and determine exactly how much information those different circles can see. This means that there is a way to keep your interactions with friends detached from what your staff, business contacts or clients see.

You can search directly from within Google+ too.

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