Setting SEO Prioirities for 2017

Make your plan manageable- you should be able to stick with it even in the most trying times, when you are absolutely snowed under with work within your business. If the likelihood of finding spare time seems dubious, then appoint someone within your organisation to manage the company SEO plan, with quantifiable benchmarks.

You invest a lot in your business- even if you carry no stock, have no commercial premises or extra help.
The sacrifices you make along the way are sometimes so high you can't put a price on them. Search engine optimisation is often the last, critical part of the equation that's needed to bring it all together- to get the show on the road.

To get you started in 2017, we are offering a massive 25% discount for all our SEO plans, as shown on the search engine optimisation prices page of our web site.
It might be just what you need, to encourage you to complete an enquiry form on our contact page.

Google+ and You

Find us on Google+

Google+ is the social platform introduced by Google, and provides an opportunity for individuals, groups and businesses to interact differently to conventional social media.

On Google+, people can nominate different circles and determine exactly how much information those different circles can see. This means that there is a way to keep your interactions with friends detached from what your staff, business contacts or clients see.

You can search directly from within Google+ too.

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