Google Penalty Recovery- and a Page 1 Happy Ending

Google penalties come in a range of shapes and forms- whether you’re looking for a Penguin recovery strategy, a link correction package or even Malware removal- we can help.

If your website has suddenly lost rank, it could be due to:

  • hacking and an injection of malware
  • dubious, dodgy seo coming to light; perhaps in the course of an algorithm update like Penguin v2.0 or v3.0
  • updates in the way search engines read and rank pages causing your pages to look worse to them, not better
  • a reassessment of your website content by Google, after the Hummingbird update of 2013
  • you, or someone with access to your website has made a critical error

Whichever one or more of these or other errors have produced the problem, the message is quite straightforward.

Take corrective action against lost rank immediately.Time is slipping- the longer the unfavourable situation remains uncorrected, the slower the recovery process.

Your website will also lose more traffic, this means a greater potential loss of customers.

Google Penalty Recovery Applied

We had a client come to us, with a website which was a few years old, but wasn’t receiving any organic search traffic whatsoever!

The website didn’t rank for its domain name- this is not a good sign!

After an assessment of the offending actions of the previous webmaster, we thought to take a chance and retain the original domain name, and simply implement our best practices recovery from Google penalty strategy.

It turned out that this was the correct strategy.

The website had been de-indexed, and not blacklisted. Correcting all the problems, applying expert seo to the website and the content, saw a rapid recovery and restoration of Google rank.

Within a week the website was ranking on page 1 organic of Google, for moderately competitive search terms! Before our corrective work, the website didn’t rank anywhere at all in the Google index- we checked every single page- for its domain name.

If you are in need of Google penalty recovery, then contact us so we can arrange it for you. A page 1 outcome for this website owner meant instant enquiries for their service of providing photo booths. You can check out our seo website design work, and see the new look website we made for them, by cutting and pasting into your web browser, and hitting the “Go” button in the browser bar, or the “Enter” key on your keyboard.

If your website has been penalised by Google, we can help you and remove that penalty. Our search engine optimisation will have your rankings back, and most likely you’ll enjoy greatly improved results, as this case study shows.

Bad code, or serious coding errors can cause a quick, dramatic drop in Google rank. If your web site has coding errors which cause the search engine robots confusion, then no amount of seo will give you great results until those errors are located and fixed.

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