SEO Versus Traditional Media Advertising

As a business owner, your marketing budget is limited. You want to see a return on your investment- that idea is not new. However, the game- and the rules have changed forever. Search engine optimisation done correctly on your website, can transform your marketing efforts, better than a directory or radio.

Unlike the old days of phone book advertising, creating a big impact online can be achieved just as easily by a small, one man business, as it can by a larger corporation. All it takes is a little forethought and planning, to bring an online marketing project to reality, with stellar results.

Print media suffers from a number of primary drawbacks.
The first problem with print media, is that is needs to be available to the person searching for the product or service you offer, at the time that they are in the market to buy.
The next concern is the abhorrently high cost of advertising in print media, when compared to the life of the publication. The money you would spend on search engine optimisation, and website development has a lasting effect online, and remains at the front of your online presence, until you decide to do change it
Then there’s the problem of obsolescence.
Despite your best efforts (and those of the media salesperson to convince you otherwise), once tomorrow comes, your expensive ad in today’s paper is gone, if it even survived at all.

A well managed, search engine otpimised website gets better with time. As online trust in your website grows, your seo efforts begin to pay huge lasting dividends in the form of organic rank.