Combine Experiential Marketing with SEO

In the endless barrage of advertisements, both digital and physical, it can be hard to stand out, particularly when your competitors can spend top dollar to hack into first place on Google Ads. Just because it’s easy to spend money on loud advertising- it doesn’t mean you have to! In fact, more customers are likely to skip your ads than a few years ago: with streaming services, click-aways and pop-up blockers becoming standard, even the big shots are having a hard time making an impact.

So what else can we do to ensure we stand out in the marketing landscape?

Something known as experiential marketing plays a crucial role in making an impact on your audience. Experiences, unlike material objects, are likely to stick in consumer’s minds and increase positive brand awareness.

Done properly- smart brand activation uses this to your advantage by following three basic guidelines for an experiential marketing campaign:

Make the Experience Customer-Centric:

Ensure that your customers get the most out of the experience and come away feeling entertained and informed. There are a few ways to find out what your customers need most: search for feedback on social media, send out a survey with your next mailing list, or even just ask them in person!

Go Multi-media/multi-channel!

Shout it out loud and clear! When advertising for your latest spectacle, use every social media platform available to you. Post it with a custom hashtag. Post updates. Keep up that momentum during and after the event. If you have the resources, don’t forget the traditional pillars of T.V., print and radio. If you’ve been paying attention to your business, you should know which of these work best with your target audience.

Capitalise on organic searches!

As opposed to the Pay Per Click model, which allows a company to buy the top spot in the search engine results, organic searches try to connect consumers with what they need by using an algorithm that searches specific keywords. Quality of content is determined by how often other sites link to your work (and the quality of those sites), how many people engage with and stay on your site, your loading speeds, and how much unique information is on there. Making your content algorithm friendly is cost-effective, easy to track and will make your content easier for potential customers to find and navigate.

Use the latest in tech and entertainment to develop a fun photo booth experience that allows you to track audience participation and engagement through data capture and analytics, while also providing a positive experience that will leave your customers wanting more! Let experiential marketing pick up the heavy lifting of managing and retaining loyal customers and followers once the right search engine opitmisation campaign has brought them to your door!