SEO Website Design Factors

Website design and content layout can have a big influence on search engine optimisation, and website performance within organic search results.
SEO should be considered and implemented into a new website design as early as possible in the planning process. If a website is being re-skinned, it's often a great opportunity to correct any seo errors which may have existed in the old design or previous template. Adhering to best practices of seo web design helps in communicating your message to human visitors and search engine crawlers alike.

Start by developing a clear, logical hierarchy for content presentation, and allow for future growth- whether it's adding products, services or articles over time- try to anticipate future growth and direction, and build the top level category pages into the design as soon as you can, to enable those pages to age on the internet and develop their own authority, trust and rank. Assessing where you are heading with your online presence, and having the right preliminary content will position you well for optimum search optimisation when more content is added.

Your website needs to be visually exciting for human visitors, but it must not be challenging for them. People don't want to stare at a web page wondering what to do or where to go next. There needs to be a clear hierarchy in place, and the reassurance that no matter where they are in the labyrinth of your web site, the home page is only a mouse click away.

SEO Errors in Website Design

Here are some of the most common errors in website design, from an SEO perspective:

  • Text embedded within images- this text can't be read by search engines
  • The use of Flash to create the design and content of the website
  • Navigation being javascript based, when clever use of CSS can achieve the same effect

Of course there are many more... we can take a look over your website, it's not difficult to spot these errors; a revamp could be the best time to get them fixed!

Search engine robots are easily stumped- so it's important that the design of your website doesn't stop the robot in his tracks and cause incomplete indexing of your pages. Incomplete indexing could result in a less than ideal quality score- and it's not what you want.

Websites need to be designed for human visitors and search engine robots in one fell swoop. Often there are technologies employed by website designers which prohibit effective search engine crawling. In many instances there are workarounds to achieve the same effect in a more search engine friendly manner. This ensures you have great web design with excellent search engine crawler access.

You can read more about the importance of search engine optimisation and web design on our seo services page.

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SEO Web Design

Search engine optimisation and website design must go hand in hand. One can profoundly affect the other.

We optimise your website's

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