The Benefits of Search Engine Optimisation for Website Owners

The best SEO- or search engine optimisation, brings with it abundant quantities of qualified visitors to your website. We are search engine optimisation specialists, and we create the best seo plans to achieve two things:

  • a strong flow of relevant, organic traffic to your website
  • authority status for your website within the subject(s) addressed

Let's look at the art and science of attracting the right visitors first.

If you are in the fitness industry, you'll need to optimise your website for a precise topic- not just the word "fitness". Someone who types the word "fitness" into a search engine could be searching for

  • fitness training
  • fitness equipment
  • fitness advice
  • fitness clubs
  • fitness forums

among other things.

What people type into a search engine is not necessarily exactly what they are looking for, and you'll soon come to understand this, when you start reading your web logs or web analytics.

Search Engine Optimisation and Relevant Content

If you think that all traffic is good, and the more traffic the better, you'll need to think again. If a visitor lands on a page of your website after a search engine referral and hits the "back" button of their browser, then it's a signal that the page did not provide the content they were expecting. This is known as a "bounce".

Achieve Online Authority Status

With the correct optimisation, your website will have very few "bounces"- and your trust rank in the search engines' eyes will go up. As your trust rank grown, your website's authority grows, and you gain a stronger hold on the position within the search engine results pages.

You'll soon find that as your website's authority status strengthens, your long-tail search queries will increase, and this will compound the flow of traffic to your website.

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Courses on SEO

Learning search engine optimisation will help you do all the right things necessary for improving your web site's Google rank.

You'll also learn about the things you should avoid- and why those annoying phone calls for seo we all get, don't offer much value.

We'll share experiences of our own managed web sites, and outline the methods we used to achieve high- often top- page 1 organic rank or Google.

We'll also include some consulting specific to your web site, so you can learn techniques relevant to a familiar site, and use our recommendations to implement the best seo plan.

How SEO Affects the Critical Numbers

Correct search engine optimisation will affect your visitor traffic numbers unlike anything else.

You won't need to hope that people were watching tv at the right time to see your ad.

The radio might be on in the car or at work, but not everybody is compelled to stop what they are doing, and rush madly to a computer and visit your website, if they remembered the name correctly.

Visitors search using a search engine when they are at the point of needing information or a product or service.

Search engin optimisation puts you in the position to fill that need for them.