Website Design Underpinned by SEO

Some of the best seo for a website takes place before the first line of code is written. One of the most important things you should address, to benefit seo as well as human visitors- is the layout and content placement within your website.

Plan to have your most important content on display early in the visitor's time on your website. Fantastic content- buried five clicks deep from the home page or in some obscure corner of your site- is likely to go unseen.

Your website has an important job to do- correctly optimised, with the best search engine optimisaion plan- the visitors will come.

Ensure you meet or exceed their expectations with what they get when they visit you.

We ensure that current seo website design best practices are followed, this will allow complete indexing of all your website's pages. Your website design will be easy to navigate, and leave a clear message with the visitor about:

  • what the website is about
  • what to do next
  • where to find content

We are fans of clean, lightweight semantic code- and so is Google!

Semantic code in the context of website design, follows a hierarchy- an ordering where the importance of different elements within a website or page- as they relate to each other- becomes apparent to the visitor.

Topics are introduced, explained and the visitor is able to scan a web page quickly and effortlessly and find what they are looking for easily. Headings introduce content, body copy expands on the promise of the heading, and everyone's happy.

The upside to using semantic markup is that search engines love it too. It enables them to gain a clearer understanding of your content. They will know where you want the highest level of importance assigned. If your content is fantastic, it will be indexed properly, and ranked positively, to bring you just the right visitors whose needs for information, a product or service match exactly what you offer.

This helps you establish an authority status in the eyes of Google and other search engines, and with authority comes higher organic rank.

User-Friendly Website Design

Great design helps the visitor to focus on the experience and content, without the need to wonder what to do or where to click next.

A visitor-friendly interface is more inviting, and encourages the visitor to participate in whatever it is you have asked them to do. It could be

  • entering their details on a form
  • buy a subscription
  • buy your products or services

All this happens with less hesitation and apprehension from the visitor. The end result is more revenue for you, the website owner- and a returning visitor base, which should lead to referrals via links in emails and on blogs and social media.

Search engine algorithms are getting smarter too- they have been tweaked to assess the usability for humans, not simply read and index web code.

Read more about how search engine optimisation works, to gain a better understanding of seo basics.

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Website Design and SEO

There is an art and science to website design.

Many website designers have the art- but not the science.

Your websites need the correct technology to serve content to humans and search engines.

We thoroughly assess your website for compatibility with search technology as well as human visitors before proceeding with any work.