How to Get More Organic Search Traffic to Your Website Without Paying for Ads

In order to bring more organic traffic to your website, our Melbourne SEO services company develops a laser-targeted seo plan, based on your current position within search results, and your objectives.
A large part of your seo program depends on the keywords you are pursuing, and the competition for those keywords.
Our organic traffic strategy begins with a look at your website statistics. This data will already contain some important reference points. Among many things, it will quickly tell us:

  • how many visitors your website receives daily;
  • where those visitors are coming from;
  • which keywords are bringing those visitors to your website
  • the level of engagement of your visitors
  • which pages within your website are most popular
This information will help us determine the overall health of your website; what's working, what's not working- and what can be fixed quickly.

Understand the Value of Long-Tail Search

You might be tempted to pursue short, single word or perhaps even two-word competitive search terms as your chosen keywords. Here's why the idea to go down this path is not such a good one.
Now that the internet and Google have been around for some time, and people have made countless searches for different things, it's becoming obvious to most internet users that the real answer to their problem or question doesn't always come after their first search and subsequent click.
As they stare at their screen and silently think "You didn't understand what I was really looking for" when the search engine returns less than perfect results, they time a more detailed explanation into the search bar- often more than 4 or 5 words long.
Enter the long tail query, using what's known as a long tail keyword.
We should say from the onset, that there are fewer individual queries for long tail search terms- but a greater overall number of those terms used every day.
And guess what?
The searcher who is using a long tail keyword, is more precisely focused, almost more anxious to get the right result sooner than someone who happens to be browsing.
They are further down the path to conversion- deeper into their buying cycle
than someone who simply types in a single or double word search term.
These visitors generally represent a better level of organic search traffic to your website. As we tune our seo work to your website within your target market, we focus on attracting more visitors who want exactly what it is you offer.
Targeting long tail queries is the surest way of getting better organic traffic to your website, as well as more traffic from organic search.

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The sooner you start an effective seo program, the sooner you can start enjoying the rewards reserved for those lucky people who receive referral traffic from page 1 organic listings on Google.

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Go Organic

We strive for quality organic search engine results for your website content.

Here's why:

  • Organic visitors are searching for what your website is providing
  • Organic traffic is free of click-through costs
  • Organic click-throughs develop your strength in search engine rank.

Organic is the way to go.

Once you experience great organic visitor numbers, you'll never subscribe to directories or paid internet advertising again.