The Bottom Line on SEO for Small Business Web Sites

“Does my small business web site really need seo?” This would be a question which confronts every self-employed person who has an internet site.

It’s certainly a question worthy of some attention.Small business seo is crucial to your online success, and if your advertising or marketing budget is limited, you should consider search engine optimisation for small business .

A business with high profile national or international branding might not need the level of web site search engine optimisation that a small business would require. Take household names like “CocaCola” or “Coles”. These companies would have an online presence- but their traffic attraction and customer acquisition doesn’t rely entirely on the internet. They have their products or retail stores in most places- and visitors would most likely seek the company website out by name association, rather than typing in “carbonated soft drinks” when they are thirsty, or “supermarkets” when they are planning to go shopping.

As a small business operator, you pursue internet marketing which will give you the best return on your investment. We have clients who paid for inclusion in specific industry directories, phone directories, both print and online editions- and threw money at these advertising options blindly. When we search optimised their web sites and the organic results started to roll in, it was approximately 30 organic seo visitors per single directory visitor.

A well designed and managed small business seo plan will create the online presence for your web site where it’s needed most- on the front page of Google when people are searching for what it is you offer.
When they are ready to buy!
Although we all sleep at some point, our websites don’t. People work shifts, they love to shop and browse at times when it suits them- and during moments like these your full-time online portal for your business works tirelessly without meal breaks, or leave requests, to service the needs of those customers, twenty-four hours per day, whenever their curiosity prompts them to visit you on line.

Small business seo ensures your web site is there, promoting you when you need it most. Do you need small business website search engine optimisation?
Absolutely yes!

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