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SEO and Experiential Marketing: How They Work in Tandem

Search engine optimisation works to attract leads when people are actively searching. What happens next? Do you sit there and hope your website does the work? Enter the world of experiential marketing- the magic formula that when dialed in correctly- turns leads into more than just customers. They become raving fans!.

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SEO Case Study, Melbourne Australia

A question I am often asked is ‘Can I do my own SEO?’. It is a very fair question given the amount of overheads small businesses have these days. The short answer is – Yes! In fact, anyone can learn SEO. But there are factors to take into consideration before deciding if this is the right way forward for your business.

Below is a case study about a small business who approached me with this question, and the steps we took to ensure they were able to confidently optimise their own website on an ongoing basis.

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Not Ranking for Your Business Name? Check These Points First!

are you invisible within Google local search? You’ve got a business name- and quite likely a domain which closely matches it. It’s highly probably that you’ve invested significant resources into building your brand- even if it’s only a fledgeling one. What happens when someone comes along- and outranks you for your own name, in Google? Or, when you don’t show up at all?

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Get Rid of Blog IDs from Joomla URLs

assigning search engine friendly urls to joomla 3.7 blog items Joomla is great as a CMS, but like all of them, it has quirks. One is that Blog Category article IDs appear within the final URL. This has been an issue for years- and we provide the solution here, written for Joomla 3.7. These notes will be updated if successive versions require a different correction technique.

Implement this important change, following our simple, illustrated steps. Get an immediate SEO advantage, for your Joomla website.

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The Role of Page Titles in SEO

tips to maximize the performance of your browser bar page titles How well do you understand the significance of page titles and their influence as the most important single element on a web page? They’re one of the first pieces of content of any web page a search engine scans. They’re also the text which forms the hyperlink in a set of search results. Get them right- and your job of optimizing your website just started with a grand entrance.
Searchers can be enticed by an appealing offer- even if your listing is not the first one.
We walk you through the most significant points to keep in mind when writing this powerful line of text.

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Three SEO Factors to Check on Your Online Store

search engine optimisation priorities for online shops People who own online stores need to take special precautions in setting up an ecommerce website and search engine optimisation, so that everything runs smoothly and the authority for any given product does not automatically go to the manufacturer- or worse still- a competitor.
There are some great tips most website owners will be able to implement without any technical expertise. Of course the list is not exhaustive- and we’re not pretending it is. Here are the most common, simple SEO errors we encounter in online retail shops and ecommerce websites.

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Moving into 2017

search engine optimisation plans for the future- how to set priorities SEO in 2017 demands a new approach, and an enlightened perspective of the constantly evolving search engine optimisation playing field.

To ensure you are not left behind, we encourage you to sit down and draft out your program for your web site optimisation.

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The Ideal Way to Learn SEO

SEO short course Melbourne- ideal for small businesses or self-employed

SEO Training Courses are offered at our facility in the Melbourne suburb of Dandenong South. These comprehensive courses cover important elements of search engine optimisation, and are designed to get participants familiar with doing the work required to substantially boost their web site rankings in search engines.

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Quick Fix for Low Ranking Pages

manage your search engine optimisation program for optimal outcome

We get a lot of requests and questions relating to the quickest way to rank web page, during our SEO training sessions. It seems many people out there believe there is a fast way to get a website prominent listing in Google.

While there’s no quick fix for poor SEO performance, there are definitely some things you can do to give your campaign the edge, and get away to a positive start.

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SEO and Small Business

SEO search engine optimisation for small business websites and ecommerce sites

Small business has an amazing advantage with web site search engine optimisation. Liberated from the corporate shackles which are often padded by procedure manual pages, the small business operator can out fox larger competitors with the swift adoption of seo strategy into the marketing plan.

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