The Best SEO for Websites

As a website owner, you naturally want the best organic seo- meta tags, titles, descriptive text, architecture and more. There are technical aspects to consider, when giving a website a comprehensive search engine optimisation makeover, as well aesthetics.

Make absolutely no mistake about it- the technical considerations of a website as well as the aesthetics are just as important as each other. Both have the potential to work in your favour or against you- so it’s important to maintain a balanced approach.

Here are the most important things to be addressed in a website, before any SEO work, or search engine optimisation plan is implemented.

  • the quality of the visitor experience provided
  • the uniqueness and quality of the content within the website
  • accessibility- can the website be read by screen readers
  • the ease with which the website can be indexed
  • the underlying code structure

There is no simple, bouncing ball formula for search engine optimising a website. Successful seo- the best search engine optimisation techniques rely on a number of elements coming together and working synergistically and seamlessly to provide the end result. The primary reason people use the internet search engines is to locate something. More often than not, they are looking for information, usually quite specific information relating to a precisely defined, unanswered question in their minds.

When we evaluate the health of a website, as seen through the crawling eyes of a search engine spider, we assess the quality of the visitor experience provided by the website owner, before worrying about search engine optimisation. The website is assessed for its ability to present all of its content to people using assistive devices, like screen readers. Search engine spiders view the world wide web much the same way as a screen reader would- so it’s important that you do not disadvantage any one group with your website presentation format.

In really simple terms- we ensure all text can be read by assistive devices, and that nothing relies on the visitor having to make the correct guess, about what to do next. This means that Google and other search engines can easily read, understand and index your content.

If your content is rank-worthy, you’ll eventually see great organic traffic.

Another bad outcome for visitors would be that they need to guess to try and work out what something is- no description, name or title to help them evaluate an image or a different element.

Read about how the methods discussed here are applied to our search engine optimisation work on our seo services page.

Content is Currency- and Your Master Key to the Kingdom

It was once said that content was king, in the seo world.

These days, not much has changed. After all, the reason most people visit a website is because they are looking for something. If you are able to present the information they are searching for in a way that satisfies their curiosity, then they’ll be happy little campers- and most likely come back again, or spread the word and tell the world how they enjoyed visiting your website.

An amazing number of websites don’t make easy work of helping the visitor understand what’s on the page. With blinking graphics, animation, video that’s painfully slow to load and all sorts of distracting pop ups and mouse-over java script calls, a visitor can’t be blamed for leaving with no intention of ever returning.

Quality content, presented well from a visitor and coder’s perspective as well as easy navigation, layout and usability are some of the most important points we look at before we even begin our search engine optimisation workflow. When you make the decision to optimise your website, know exactly what you want your potential visitors to be searching for. The biggest anomaly exists between “information” and “buy”. Are they seeking information about piping and taps by entering “plumbing” into a search engine, or are they looking for someone to fix their burst drain, thus entering “plumber” into the search query box?

Which visitor does your website best serve?

Find out. Get the answer to this critical question and provide your website visitors with the content they have come to find.

Finding the answer to that critical question is part of what we do- we work with you to present the right content to the people who are looking for the answers you have.