SEO Melbourne Addresses Fast SEO

Our Melbourne SEO Consultancy regularly gets requests from hucksters who want their website optimised as fast as possible.
These folk seem to think we hold a magic wand or bag of tricks designed for search engine optimisation, somewhere under the desk, ready for deployment when the price is right!
It’s just not so- the best search engine optimisation evolves over time, and after the Penguin 2013 adjustment, a long-term approach matters now more than ever.
In addition to a slow and steady long-term approach, you need to spread your supports- and ensure they’re sitting on stable ground.
Let me explain…
Firstly, you need to drop some bait in to drift where the fish are feeding- if you’re selling your products to a specialist group- followers of a hobby, interest or pastime, then be where those people are.
Things have gone through a shakeup- almost done a total backflip, and search engine optimisation now resembles “optimising for the human mind” more than it ever did.

People are searching smarter- social validation existed long before the interned ever did.
“Does this look good on me?” a customer asks- not of the salesperson, but of the friend who has come out shopping with the customer.
Why is it like this? Because the friend has a higher authority status- a greater element of trust exists- and trust counts for a lot, when people are faced with the need to make a quick decision in the arena of uncertainty.

SEO and Hierarchy- on the Web and in Life

This brings us to the next point.

Search engine optimisation beyond 2013- moves into a different space.

Engagement- how visitors react with what you say and what you show is getting stronger in the ranking signal lineup.

The best way for you to gain a following that hangs on every word you write, every blog you post and every picture you take- is to create compelling, read-worthy content that is worth the effort of being forwarded to a friend, or at least linked to.

You might need to look over some of the seo fundamentals again, and give your content a good overhaul and polish!

Creating links is so old-school, we were never crazy on directory submissions, article marketing and dropping links all over the place like business cards in a bar.

Penguin 2013 shook the seo companies who followed grey and black hat tactics- we saw some absolutely radical twists and turns for the terms we monitor online- it seemed as though the meek really were getting set to inherit.

If you haven’t done it yet, then please review everything that’s on your website. Go through your content with a fine-toothed comb, and bring your facts and figures into line, tidy up your affiliations, and ensure you are only running with the right crowd. In search engine optimisation terms, this means your web site content must absolutely sparkle. It should be precisely targeted to the intended visitor, be friendly to humans as well as blind, wandering robots, and eventually become cited and revered in the harsh, merciless world of the internet.

It must give your visitors exactly what they are looking for, and make it accessible to search engine spiders for perfect indexing. That means:

  • no flash- no matter how great you think it is
  • no text embedded within images- generate interesting fonts with appropriate extensions
  • no text hidden off page but visible within the web site code

Nothing deceptive- because essentially everything on your web site will be subjected to a scrupulous audit!

Then the front page Google rank will come, with minimal effort.